Company event: game in Prague and banquet, 20 April 2023

On Thursday, April 20, we organized a special game for our colleagues in Prague, followed by a buffet dinner.

The event started at 15:00 in our training room, where the participants were introduced to the details of the game and divided into 6 teams.

Subsequently, we all moved by train to Masaryk train station, where the game itself started. The team leaders received an SMS on their mobile phones with the place to go.

In total, there were 3 competition places – restaurants, where all our teams took turns and collected important points. There was a competition in three disciplines – personality quiz, pictionary and Slovak language quiz. At the same time, individual teams could also get bonus points for a photo with the Dust Gate or the Municipal House and for wearing a company T-shirt. 🙂

The results of the company-wide game were announced in the Sněmovna v Jakubský restaurant, where a joint banquet was also held.

Congratulations to the winning team – each member took home a “package of money” and a voucher for lunch or dinner.

And thank you to everyone involved!

Company teambuilding: game in Prague and banquet, 20 April 2023