Since 1997, we have been operating on the information technology market (Enterprise Information Systems and IT services) and we help companies with digitization and automation not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but in 19 European countries as a whole.


We will advise you on how to centralize and digitize your company information. You will always find what you're looking for, and you will have key information right at hand and in context at the same time! You will thus get a comprehensive overview of what is happening in the company.


Electronic management of documents such as contracts, invoices, materials and other files will make your work life easier and increase your productivity. Only authorized users can access documents.


We will help you digitize your company processes in any area, e.g. sales, service, project management, marketing, production, HR or management of teams and the company as a whole. Automatic workflows ensure that all tasks are completed properly, on time and in compliance with all regulations.


Tools for Optical Character Recognition allow the creation of searchable PDF documents from non-searchable PDF documents and from scanned documents in the form of images, zone data extraction, recognition of barcodes and QR codes. Intelligent extraction systems enable automated digitization of data from scanned and electronic documents, such as invoices, orders, delivery notes and other structured or semi-structured documents.


Modern DMS (Document Management System) solutions, such as M-Files, enable companies to effectively manage all company documents and related information. The systems help to securely share and store files, create and approve them efficiently and to collaborate. Searching for documents is very easy. Automated workflows support the digital circulation and approval of documents in the company.


High-quality CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for managing relationships with customers, e.g. Intuo - Company Intelligence, is the basis of every modern organization. It helps centralize company information and use it in context. It facilitates the planning and implementation of activities, whether it is business, marketing, service or other areas. It supports mutual substitutability and effective communication with clients. It provides managers with a comprehensive overview of what is happening in the company.


ERP's (Enterprise Resource Planning) are information systems that help streamline all routine as well as highly specialized business processes. The systems provide an overview of current results and support the automation of routine operations, operational efficiency and cost reduction. ERP systems include, for example, HELIOS iNuvio.


Management of corporate content such as documents, images and other files is provided by ECM (Enterprise Content Management) systems. The content can be searched based on its properties (title, part of the text, related metadata), so there is no need to know its physical location. Data security is ensured by a sophisticated system of user rights.


Effective management of corporate processes, i.e. Business Process Management (BPM), significantly supports the company's competitiveness. Any (sales, project, marketing, service, production, ...) processes in the company can be automated and digitized. BPM systems help gain control over activities across the entire company, always in real time.

We digitize the Czech Republic, Slovakia and 17 other European countries

We currently take care of hundreds of companies and thousands of users across Europe!

Customers of Digital Resources include, for example, Bayer s.r.o., Cesta domů, z.ú., ČEZ ESCO, a.s., Dagros s.r.o., Deloitte Central Europe, GASTRO PRODUCTION s.r.o., Glatzová & Co., s.r.o., JetBrains s.r.o., KKCG a.s., Medicton Group s.r.o., NEY spořitelní družstvo, PETROF, spol. s r.o., PHOENIX lékárenský velkoobchod, s.r.o., Skils s.r.o. advokátní kancelář, SPOLCHEMIE. More in the References section.

Advantages of digitization


Digitization enables your data to be perfectly secured. This eliminates security risks, such as an unauthorized person viewing a sensitive document in paper form. With the use of modern tools, security is ensured by user rights, so you can always be sure that only authorized users have access to data.


Digitization goes hand in hand with automation. With the help of smart workflows, you can automate any processes in your company and thus be sure that all tasks are completed on time and that they are not omitted. Users receive automatic notifications as needed, e.g. in the form of email alerts.


The transition from manual processing of information and documents to digital will save you and your employees a lot of time. For example, approval processes are much simpler, more efficient and faster. Automated tools help you monitor the completion of tasks and at the same time you have all the necessary information and documents immediately at hand.


Digitization enables managers and directors to always have an immediate overview of what is happening in the company, the status of projects and tasks, current processes. They have all the necessary data at their fingertips and at the same time in context. Decision making is then much easier.


The implementation of suitable digital tools will guarantee that all processes are in compliance with your requirements, regulations and guidelines. Digitization also enables the creation of audit trails, so you have accurate records and documents available for any audit at any time.


Thanks to digitization, you can very easily eliminate human errors and omissions, which are often related to the manual processing of documents, processes and information. You can set up control mechanisms in your company to ensure that everything runs as it should.

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