Cooperation with SOCOS IT in the field of intelligent document extraction

We have officially started cooperation with SOCOS IT s.r.o.!

We now have a great tool for our customers to automatically extract data from documents: DOCU-X OCR.

With the use of DOCU-X OCR, it is possible to speed up data rewriting by 80 %. On average, you save 3 minutes of time per invoice received. In addition, the risk of errors is minimal.

Cooperation with SOCOS IT: DOCU-X OCR product

DOCU-X OCR enables intelligent data extraction from scanned and electronic documents, such as invoices, orders, delivery notes and other structured or semi-structured documents. Artificial intelligence learns over time, so automatic data extraction is becoming more accurate and independent.

We can integrate the system with many enterprise systems, such as Intuo – Company Intelligence, HELIOS Orange, ERP-IN.CLOUD, M-Files or DMS-IN.CLOUD.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

You can also view the record of our webinar on the topic of Intelligent data extraction via the DOCU-X system.

More about DOCU-X OCR can be found HERE.