However it might seem that Orange Solutions s.r.o. and STAPRO Liberec software, s.r.o. compete with each other, the reality is the opposite – they cooperate

Companies Orange Solutions s.r.o. and STAPRO Liberec software, s.r.o. both have been involved in the sale, installation and implementation of the Helios Orange ERP system since their beginning, and therefore it might seem that they are competitors on the market. In fact, the opposite is true – companies work well together and for a long time.

STAPRO Liberec software, s.r.o. covers mainly the area of Northern Bohemia, while Orange Solutions s.r.o., a subsidiary of Digital Resources a.s., focuses primarily on the Capital City of Prague, Central Bohemia and surrounding areas. At the same time, it is possible to realize friendly customer transitions between the two companies.

Cooperation of STAPRO Liberec software, s.r.o. and Orange Solutions s.r.o. it is also taking place intensively within the technological area, whether it is an extension of the Helios Orange system or the area of DMS (Document Management System). The company STAPRO Liberec software, s.r.o. is a significant partner of the parent company Digital Resources a.s. in the implementation of the DMS solution M-Files. Currently, the companies are expanding their cooperation with a cloud solution: DMS-IN.CLOUD.

Both companies can provide great comprehensive services in the field of ICT (information and communication technology).

Cooperation between Orange Solutions s.r.o. and STAPRO Liberec software can thus be an inspiration to many companies on the market, which at first glance seem to be mutual competitors. An appropriate system of cooperation, especially in the long term, can be very beneficial to both parties.

The partnership enables the deployment of business systems even in the largest companies or firms with extensive analytical requirements and complex processes. The expanded product portfolio gives customers the freedom to choose the most suitable solution.

Ing. Stanislav Šašek, CEO, STAPRO Liberec software, s.r.o. says: „I like when “yes” means “yes” and “no” means “no”. Thanks to that, our relationships are based on solid foundations.“

Long-term cooperation and mutual trust create a pleasant environment for our common customers. The companies we care about have better access to the latest technologies, whether in the field of ERP, CRM, DMS, intelligent data mining or artificial intelligence,“ adds Jan Sedláček, chairman of the board, Digital Resources a.s.

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