How to secure your company information and documents

Do you feel that the documents and information in your company are really safe? Are you prepared for potential cyber attacks and other threats?

Data security is a key topic for every modern company these days.

62% of companies are concerned that a data breach would damage their credibility and brand reputation.

Corporate Information and Documents in (In)security

Do you want your data to be maximally secure? We will help you!

We will show you how Enteprise Information Systems can raise the quality of your security to a higher level.

Secure Document and Information Management

Do you want to be sure that only authorized people have access to your documents and information? That your data will not be misused?

Intelligent DMS/ECM systems such as M-Files can ensure safe sharing and storage of content.

M-Files brings a deeply sophisticated access rights management system. Thanks to this, you can always be sure that only authorized persons have access to a specific document or information. Other users who do not have the appropriate rights do not even know that the document or information exists.

Permissions can be set dynamically, e.g. based on groups, departments or roles. At the same time, they can be changed as needed during the process (e.g. approval, document life cycle).

Thanks to the automatic recording of all changes and history, you have an immediate overview of access and work with specific content.

Information Security (ISMS)

M-Files can enrich your working life also in the field of compliance. With the help of automated workflows in M-Files, you can be sure that all your processes are in compliance with all regulations, guidelines and requirements. The eventual audit process is more efficient thanks to automated audit trails in M-Files and immediate access to the necessary company information.

M-Files will help you ensure that all employees follow established procedures and policies. Managers get a comprehensive overview of the current situation, e.g. if specific employees have become familiar with the new directive. Built-in tracking of document versions and access history enables a quick audit of compliance with policies and regulations.

The ISO/IEC 27001/27002 guidelines – international standards that define the requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS) in a company – are very closely related to security .

You can register security incidents very easily using M-Files, and thus proactively manage processes related to information security within the organization.

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