IT prophylaxis

Would you like to reduce your company’s risks associated with potential crashes and losses, unplanned shutdown of IT systems or other extraordinary event in the field of IT?

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Digital Resources and Prophylaxis

Prophylaxis in the field of IT represents preventive control and regular maintenance of information technologies.

The primary goal of prophylaxis is to proactively ensure the stable and trouble-free operation of IT.

It includes not only hardware (regular inspection and maintenance of computers, laptops, servers, printers, telephones, etc.), but also software (enterprise applications and systems) care.

Prophylaxis works as a great prevention of accidents and other extraordinary events. It extends the life of computer technology and also reduces the costs associated with repairs or the purchase of new technology. This saves significant financial resources, especially in the long term.

In the field of IT, prophylaxis is very closely related to monitoring. A monitoring center can monitor your network, perform maintenance and preventive measures even before a problem occurs. Thanks to this, you will optimize your costs and reduce risks to a minimum. If, for example, a disk is going out in your company, thanks to the approach based on prophylaxis, you will find all out before this fact causes any problems. The threat of disk failure is detected early and proactive steps such as buying a new disk and replacing it can be initiated immediately. You don’t have to worry about a crisis situation or a crash.

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In practice, prophylaxis takes place as a regular check and maintenance, which can be provided by our experienced team of IT technicians and specialists. Monitoring can take place online or in the form of regular visits, when our specialists carry out a visual check, e.g. of the basic functions of the systems or the use of computing resources.

We emphasize monitoring trends, thanks to which it is possible to predict future developments and plan the necessary changes and investments. An example can be monitoring the trend of decreasing free space on storage or load. For example, we can predict that in a quarter of a year there would be a lack of free storage space, which would cause complications for the company. Instead, we proactively resolve the situation for you and thus prevent potential problems.

We carry out a review of key functions and an audit of the state of the IT infrastructure. We monitor, for example, the Internet connection, the status and updates of operating systems, error messages or the status of data backups. And in the event of any potential problem, we immediately initiate proactive steps and escalation (e.g. communication with headquarters or a third party). In every situation, we provide customers with a registered handover of status, that is we always provide as much information as possible about what we have found out, what we are working on and what is needed.

Our customers are mostly medium-sized companies or branches of international companies with foreign headquarters. We always make sure that everything is in accordance with the company’s standards, whether foreign or Czech. For multinational companies that, for example, do not have sufficient human resources in the Czech Republic, we can provide local support and interventions in the event of accidents, including the loan of equipment/provision of temporary infrastructure.

A common practice in the case of prophylaxis is also the conclusion of an SLA contract between us and the customer. The SLA agreement defines the response time and resolution time.

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