M-Files partner conference 2023

On Thursday, November 23, 2023, we organized an M-Files partner conference at the Panorama Hotel Prague, where, as every year, we presented our partners with the most important news from the world of M-Files. The partner of the event was MasterDC.

Many thanks to all partners and our entire M-Files team!

Below, we have a report directly from the event for you.

M-Files partner conference, 23. 11. 2023

The partner conference was opened by Jan Sedláček, Chairman of the Board of Digital Resources, who introduced the guests to the current world of M-Files.

David Páter, Director of the M-Files division, introduced the key product innovations and performed a live demonstration of intelligent services.

Matyáš Vacek, IT specialist, introduced the partners to the M-Files Hubshare solution and also conducted a live demonstration.

This was followed by a coffee break.

After a short break, Katarína Bernátová, HR manager, and Margarita Šlechta, consultant, continued with the program, showing partners the HR solution in M-Files.

Jakub Kiml, consultant, further focused on M-Files integrations and specifically demonstrated the connection to ISDS (Information System of Data Boxes).

Daniel Hanek, IT specialist, focused on M-Files cloud solutions and gave a live demonstration of our DMS-IN.CLOUD solution.

Ondřej Bok, Account Manager of technological company MasterDC, addressed the topic of company data security, showed guests examples of threats from practice and advised how to keep your data under control.

Kristýna Jandová, Marketing Director of Digital Resources, then presented news from the world of M-Files marketing.

This was followed by the awarding of our partners and thanks for the cooperation in 2023.

At the end of the conference, there was a discussion with our partners, which was finished with a lunch. Thank you!