Report from the ICT Breakfast: Digitization and paperless office, 14 March 2024

Today, we organized the first ICT Breakfast this year at our company premises and focused on the topic of company digitization and paperless office. Throughout the event, guests could enjoy a rich breakfast while watching interesting demonstrations.

Thank you to everyone involved!

Here is a report from the event:

ICT Breakfast: Digitization and paperless office, 14. 3. 2024, Prague

The ICT Breakfast was opened by Jan Sedláček, Chairman of the Board of Digital Resources. He presented the challenges of digitization and the risks of manual and paper processes as well as the benefits of a paperless office and a digitalized company.

Matěj Zavadil, IT specialist, focused on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and gave a live demonstration of the Intuo – Company Intelligence system, Remarkable Product 2022, which helps digitize and centralize key company information and streamline processes, for example in the area of sales and customer or partners relations.

Subsequently, Vít Jevčák, IT consultant, devoted himself to the area of DMS (Document Management System) / ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and demonstrated the Finnish M-Files system for electronic management of documents, information and process automation using workflow.

Matyáš Vacek, IT specialist, continued with the presentation of the cloud solution DMS-IN.CLOUD and the wide possibilities of integrating M-Files with other company systems. He also gave a live demonstration of the DOCU-X OCR intelligent document extraction tool and its connection to M-Files.

Vojtěch Smutný, IT specialist from the subsidiary company Orange Solutions, subsequently focused on the area of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and presented the HELIOS iNuvio system for managing the company and key processes.

At the end of the event, there was a discussion, thanksgiving and a raffle for valuable gifts. Congratulations to the winners!

Once again, we thank all the guests of the ICT Breakfast, our entire implementation team and we look forward to the next event!