Survey of sales management in companies

Unexpected survey results in the field of business activity management: the vast majority of business manager respondents are satisfied with the solution they currently use for sales management, but only 30 % of companies have business processes supported by some kind of automatic workflow.

Let’s take a closer look at the survey results!

Sales management in companies – do you really have sufficient tools?

Couldn’t salesmen and their managers have better tools? How could their work be easier and more automated?

In today’s dynamic times, there is an increasing need to digitize company processes and always have the right information at hand in real time. The way an organization manages its information assets and processes becomes an important factor of competitiveness.

The survey shows that 93 % of respondents feel satisfied with the solution they use in their company to manage business activities. An example can be managing opportunities, creating offers or recording communication with customers.

At the same time, the good news is that in half of the companies, sales managers have tools available that allow them to always have an overview of what is happening within the team in real time.

However, are these tools sufficient? Do they really have an overview of everything that is happening in the sales department and can be sure that the salespeople will not forget any of the important tasks?

70 % of workers are not helped by any automatic workflow. At the same time, it is workflows that ensure that all business processes run smoothly and deadlines are met. Automated processes can be enriched with e-mail notifications that ensure that tasks are not omitted. Directors and managers can then receive information in real time and thus have a perfect overview of business activities across the entire company.

Intuo for business enables you to streamline your processes in the company, better manage and share key information. It provides an unified environment for managing any business activities, such as offers, opportunities, meetings, emails, etc. Individual teams/users can share this information with each other, thus ensuring mutual substitutability. Managers have complete information at their disposal and get an overview of what is happening in the company. The Intuo business solution received the Remarkable Product 2022 award.