Team and Customer Relationship Management

Do you work from home and need to effectively manage your team? Would you like to have an overview of all activities in the company, wherever you are? Do you want to better manage your customer relationships?

Meet Intuo – Company Intelligence!

Team and Customer Relationship Management

Intuo – Company Intelligence is a modern solution that will help you easily and efficiently manage both your company and relationships with external entities such as your customers or partners.

Intuo provides its users a comfortable environment for working with information, recording all activities and supporting processes in the company, such as sales, marketing, service or dispatching.

Managers appreciate the possibility of a comprehensive overview and control of all activities in the company in real time. Information can be at hand wherever you are. Links between objects allow you to work with data in a 360 degree view.

Intuo – Company Intelligence will significantly support your business. More about Intuo system HERE.

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