Case study in a company BPS Průmyslové Služby: IT management

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BPS Průmyslové Služby, s.r.o. is a supplier of material handling equipment and represents on the Czech market the brand of one of its largest manufacturers in the world – Cat® Lift Trucks. It has long been cooperating with Digital Resources a.s., which is its supplier of services in the field of information technology and CRM system Intuo – Company Intelligence, which BPS Průmyslové Služby uses to manage its business, marketing, and service processes.

For the IT operation, BPS Průmyslové Služby used to operate its own servers in its office. However, the local (on-premises) infrastructure was no longer sufficient, mainly due to the unsuitable environment in which the servers were located and the related problems with electricity and cooling. When the existing servers reached the end of their useful life, the company decided to consider various options for a new infrastructure.

Case study: IT management in a company BPS Průmyslové Služby

Are you interested in how the selection of the new infrastructure was going and why the company BPS Průmyslové služby chose the option of placing its own server in the MasterDC datacentre?

You will learn all this in our case study!

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