Conference Digitization of the labor law agenda, personnel management and the digital company, 12 October 2023

On Thursday, October 12, our team took part in the HR conference at the Grandium Hotel Prague. The conference was focused on digitization and the use of artificial intelligence in personnel management, current trends and the latest technological tools for streamlining HR processes in the company.

As part of our lecture with the topic Why is HR lagging behind in automation and digitization? we showed the participants how it is possible to easily digitize and automate the HR department, without causing employee dissatisfaction or disrupting existing processes. We advised guests how to benefit from a paperless office – how to streamline HR processes, support them with automated workflows, and at the same time be in compliance with all regulations and guidelines.

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Conference Digitization of the labor law agenda, personnel management and the digital company, 12. 10. 2023

The participants of the HR conference had the opportunity to stop by our stand throughout the day, discuss with us their current needs in the field of HR automation and digitization, and also take away small gifts.

Before lunch, it was our turn to give a lecture.

Katarína Bernátová, HR manager of Digital Resources, introduced the guests to the current challenges of the HR department and presented better tools for HR managers and employees.

David Páter, director of the M-Files division, showed the participants the benefits of the M-Files DMS system and how it can be used to streamline the processes of selection, recruitment and onboarding, training of newly hired employees, and document archiving.

Lenka Papajanovská, consultant, presented tools for easy recording of employee activities, monitoring and evaluation of their performance. She did a live demonstration of the CRM system Intuo – Company Intelligence, Remarkable Product 2022.

Thank you very much to all the participants and the whole team!

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