Conference: Enterprise Information Systems 2022

On Thursday, November 10, 2022, we took part in the Corporate Information Systems conference, which took place in Prague’s Palace Charitas on Charles Square. We were honored to open this conference with our lecture on the topic of Effective management of company processes.

We showed the guests our modern tools for easy work from any environment. We advised them on how to automate company processes, document and information management. We showed the participants how conveniently it is possible, for example, to manage and control the fulfillment of internal requests for familiarization with specific documents and to make records. With automated workflows, compliance with all guidelines is easy. We also focused on supporting service-oriented companies. We demonstrated how to easily plan and manage service activities – manage service requests, plan service interventions and evaluate the work of both individual employees and the department as a whole. We included live demonstrations of the M-Files and Intuo Service systems.

We have photos from the event for you – check them out below!

Conference: Enterprise Information Systems, 10. 11. 2022