Cooperation with the organization Se psem mě baví svět

At Digital Resources, we decided to support the organization Se psem mě baví svět, founded by Filip Rožek with the aim of helping old, abused and abandoned dogs. Filip Rožek is the author of the very successful book Gump, a dog that taught people to live. He is also one of the producers of the film of the same name. Furthermore, he is building a dog shelter near Velké Popovice and within the Facebook community helps dogs in a very specific way.

We support a number of non-profit organizations, which we carefully select and reward when work and results can be seen behind them. Therefore, we are proud that we have agreed with the organization Se psem mě baví svět on direct cooperation, which will include the support of the Gump shelter.

An introductory meeting took place at the premises of our company last week, which specified the needs of the organization, and we are happy to support this organization as an IT partner.

Thank you for a nice visit and we are looking forward to the upcoming cooperation!

Commencement of cooperation with the organization Se psem mě baví svět