Seminar M-Files | Document Management System, 15. 11. 2023, Bratislava

Yesterday, our team took part in a seminar organized by cadvision s.r.o. in Bratislava, Slovakia, as the general partner of the event.

The main theme of the event was Document Management System (DMS) M-Files.

Our team showed attendees why M-Files is changing the way the world manages information and documents. We also presented the DMS-IN.CLOUD solution and several M-Files integration solutions with other business applications, such as DOCU-X OCR for intelligent data extraction, M-Files Hubshare for secure collaboration with clients, or Intuo – Company Intelligence for effective management of company processes. There were also live demonstrations of systems and their interconnection.

The event also included a presentation by a user of M-Files in practice – the company NAFTA a.s.

Thank you!

Seminar M-Files | Document Management System, 15. 11. 2023, Bratislava, Slovakia

Here are several pictures directly from the event: