Series of QMS webinars: 4. Trainings, 2. 6. 2021, 10:00 – 10:20

We have prepared for you a series of webinars in the field of QMS, document management and process support in highly regulated industries, such as pharmacy, biotechnology, medical technology, petrochemistry, food, transport or energy and mining.
You can look forward to these topics:

12. 05. 2021 Quality Management System Intro (registration HERE)
19. 05. 2021 Controlled Document Management (registration HERE)
26. 05. 2021 Audits and Corrective and Preventive actions (CAPA) (registration HERE)
02. 06. 2021 Trainings (registration below)

We invite you to the fourth part of the QMS webinars series


In the fourth webinar, we will focus on training employees in the company. We will show you how you can easily and efficiently manage and control the fulfillment of trainings and acquaintance requirements with specific documents, make records, manage certificates and set up automatic workflows. The webinar will include a live demonstration of the QMS solution M-Files.

Registration must be done separately for each part. Registration for the fourth part of the webinar series: Trainings, June 2, 2021 here: