Who can you look forward to at the seminar: Enterprise Systems Orchestration at PETROF?

Are you curious who you will see at our unique event at the PETROF premises? What speakers can you look forward to?

The event will be personally opened by the Managing Director and President of PETROF Zuzana Ceralová Petrofová.

The entire list of speakers can be found below.

Speakers of the seminar:

Enterprise Systems Orchestration at PETROF, 30/03/2023

Zuzana Ceralová Petrofová, Managing Director and President of PETROF

Zuzana Ceralová Petrofová (Susan Petrof) is a representative of the fifth generation of the Petrof family and is currently the head of the PETROF company. She is a very successful and respected manager not only within this branch of industry. Among many awards is, for example, the honorary title MANAGER OF THE YEAR 2014, and she regularly appears in FORBES magazine’s list of the most influential women in the Czech Republic. She will personally launch the event at PETROF’s premises.

Jan Sedláček, Chairman of the Board, Digital Resources a.s.

Since 2009, Jan Sedláček has managed the most successful teams for the implementation of Enterprise Information systems (DMS, CRM, ERP) in Europe at Digital Resources. He helps companies automate and streamline their processes. He is pleased that users of Digital Resources’ systems had a simple and quick transition to remote work (home office) without loss of productivity. At the event, he will introduce guests to the topic of Enterprise Systems Orchestration at PETROF.

Kristýna Jandová, Marketing Director, Digital Resources a.s.

Kristýna Jandová is a Marketing Director of Digital Resources and the organizer of the Enterprise Systems Orchestration event at PETROF. In the first part of the program, she will introduce participants to the world of intelligent document and information management using DMS (Document Management System) M-Files and the DOCU-X OCR extraction system. She will also start a tour of the premises of the traditional PETROF piano production.

Petr Wurm, CIO, PETROF, spol. s r.o.

Petr Wurm worked in the position of CIO & Challenge Manager at PETROF, where he managed the entire project of implementing the M-Files and DOCU-X OCR systems. His previous experience in digital transformation and process automation allowed him to administer and further develop solutions at PETROF independently. In the second part of the program, he will present a new case study of the deployment of M-Files and DOCU-X OCR in PETROF.

David Páter, M-Files Division Manager, Digital Resources a.s.

David Páter is a Director of the M-Files division at Digital Resources. He has extensive experience from dozens of projects in renowned companies. He helps companies digitize their document and information management and effectively set up company processes in the M-Files DMS/ECM system. As part of the seminar at PETROF’s premises, he will present a live demonstration of the modern M-Files solution.

Jakub Kiml, Senior Consultant, Digital Resources a.s.

Jakub Kiml works as a Senior Consultant at Digital Resources. He takes care of several important customers in the field of DMS (Document Management System), provides them with professional consultations and implements new requirements. At the same time, he leads project teams for the deployment of M-Files and DOCU-X OCR systems for new customers, either on-premises or in the cloud (DMS-IN.CLOUD). At the event, he will perform a live demonstration of data extraction using DOCU-X OCR with connection to M-Files.

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