Document Management Conference, 16 May 2019

On Thursday, May 16, our team attended a DMS (Document Management Systems) conference as the main partner of the event.

Document Management Conference, 16. 5. 2019

As part of the 30-minute presentation, our team introduced an effective tool for intelligent information management – M-Files, focused on topics such as information chaos and its elimination, contract lifecycle management and the revolutionary Intelligent Metadata Layer idea.

Our company also donated a valuable gift – a Xiaomi Redmi 6 mobile phone with a gift package . Congratulations to the winner!

At our stand, the participants had the opportunity to ask details and information about the ECM/DMS M-Files system and the first 20 guests of our stand who provided us with a feedback, could get Moravian wine or a pack of homemade honey from our colleague bee-keeper.

Thanks to all guests and the whole team for great cooperation!

Several photos from the event here: