Innovation week – International Conference and Fair, 20 May 2019

When Christopher Columbus sailed out for his discovery voyages, he had no reliable tool to determine his location. He was undoubtedly one of the best navigators of his era, though there are doubts about his managerial skills (some people claim he was a good navigator, but he was not a good organizer). As a navigator, however, he had no competitor in the world.

238 years after his departure to the New World, a sextant was discovered. The greatest INNOVATION in maritime practice and evidence of the genius of science at that time, especially with regard to astronomy, mathematics, theoretical physics and cartography.

The sextant was discovered even twice. The principle of sextant was discovered first by Isaac Newton who did not publish this invention, and subsequently the sextant was rediscovered independently by the English mathematician John Hadley and American inventor Thomas Godfrey. The sextant and its design have remained unchanged since 1730…

On Monday, May 20, we joined the International Innovation Week – the fourth year of the most significant event in the field of innovations. As part of this event, the Digital Resources team represented us at the Innovation Fair as well as at the International Conference. Both events took place in the Prague Forum Karlín.

International Conference

Jan Sedláček brought to the participants one of the most widely used sextants on lifeboats at the time of World War II “Davis Mark 3”, which is also used by the Digital Resources Marine Team on its voyages. Sextant is one of the most amazing discoveries of nautical navigation ever. Within Digital Resources, we are able to set the position with a precision of 2-24 nm. The truth is, however, that for today’s full sailing experience, we use perfect modern tools like plotters, which display a full range of metadata, not only the current position with an accuracy of 4-18 meters, but also, for example, the wind direction and velocity, speed over the Ground (SOG), speed through the water (STW), waypoint, estimated time to the waypoint, depth, course, and all this combined with perfect nautical charts. Thanks to these tools, we do not spend 4-6 hours a day performing measurements and calculations but we can enjoy the sea, the wind and the dolphins.

Antti Arvio from the M-Files Corporation unveiled the unique features of the Enterprise Content Management system M-Files. He focused on a completely unique concept of Intelligent Metadata Layer and the introduction of M-Files as a modern platform, including a neutral repository philosophy. Finally, he introduced Digital Resources as the Gold partner of M-Files and as a company that was nominated for the GLOBAL PARTNER OF THE YEAR 2019 out of 400 partner companies at the Dublin International Conference.

Jan Sedlacek pointed out that exactly the same difference as between a sextant and a marine plotter could be found between existing DMS systems and the M-Files system. “You can obtain the information instantly, more accurately, and make full use of all the metadata and the content itself – come and see our stand and we’ll show you how M-Files can change your professional life.
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Digital Resources, a purely domestic Czech company, regards highly the cooperation with the Embassy of Finland and especially with His Excellence Mr. Jukka Pesola, who supported all three important events in the first half of the year, Cocktail at the Ambassador’s Residence, Innovation Week 2019 and finally a seminar in Kosice ending the Slovak Roadshow on 23 May 2019.

Innovation Fair

Immediately next to the international conference, the above mentioned Innovation Fair was held, where Digital Resources could not be missing with its portfolio of products including M-Files.

The fair guests had a unique chance to learn about the Gartner’ Visionary and the Forrester’ and Nucleus’ Leader – M-Files. In addition to all relevant information, promotional materials and gifts, visitors could experience a live demonstration of M-Files, especially Intelligent Metadata Layer, which allows you to work with corporate content, no matter where it is stored – data migration to M-Files is not needed anymore.

We thank all guests, the whole team and we are looking forward to the next meeting!

Here are some pictures from the event: