Automated data extraction from documents

Are you wondering how to speed up and streamline work with documents in your company? Are you still manually processing incoming files? Are your employees spending too much time manually rewriting data?

Get an intelligent extraction tool and work in your company will be much easier!

Systems for automatic data extraction from documents

Modern systems for intelligent data extraction help to easily and quickly digitize your company documents and automate the process of extracting the necessary information, with minimal errors. The systems independently read data from scanned and electronic documents (e.g. invoices, orders, delivery notes and other structured or semi-structured documents), validate them and store them in the company system you require, e.g. ERP or DMS, where other internal processes can be immediately started.

By automating data extraction, you eliminate many errors that are often a result of manual document processing. The data is checked according to pre-set rules and can be compared with other data sources, e.g. code books from your ERP or CRM system. The need for manual intervention is reduced to an absolute minimum over time, as the systems are constantly learning thanks to the built-in artificial intelligence.

At Digital Resources, we implement such solutions for intelligent data extraction (e.g. Rossum, ABBYY FlexiCapture or DOCU-X OCR) on the side of our customers, most often in combination with other Enterprise Systems (DMS, CRM, ERP), which we connect together according to requirements.

Are you considering deploying a system for automatic data extraction from documents? Write to us!

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You can also view for free our case study of the implementation of DMS M-Files and DOCU-X OCR extraction system at PETROF, spol. s.r.o. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!