Partnership in the field of DMS M-Files – Petr Wurm

Our new M-Files business and implementation partner is Ing. Petr Wurm, with whom we have been actively cooperating for several years. We are now officially launching a partnership in the field of DMS (Document Management System).

Petr Wurm becoming our partner in the field of DMS M-Files

Petr Wurm not only has many years of experience in the field of digital transformation and process automation in companies, but also in cooperation with Digital Resources has completed a successful M-Files deployment project at PETROF. On the customer side, Petr Wurm completely managed the project and implemented more than 20 agendas (e.g. management of invoices, contracts, projects, orders, price lists, etc.). He still provides service and continuous further development of the M-Files solution to PETROF.

Following the M-Files implementation project at PETROF, this year, we organized a unique event called Orchestration of Enterprise Systems at PETROF on 30/03/2023, where Petr Wurm was one of the key speakers and shared his experience and benefits of the M-Files system at PETROF. The main part of the program was the presentation of a case study of M-Files and DOCU-X OCR in PETROF.

Thank you and we look forward to further cooperation in the field of DMS M-Files!